What is Business Intelligence?

Put simply Business Intelligence is the process of turning your data into information.

Decision makers need the right information at the right time. Sifting through the masses of data to find this information required can be cumbersome, error prone and time consuming. Business Intelligence covers the processes to convert this into meaningful reports available to the decision makers as they need it, so that their decisions can be made from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance.

Common aims of Business Intelligence projects are to provide

  • Centralised Data - a single version of the truth
  • Cleansed Data - correction for incomplete data or recombination of data from multiple sources
  • Scheduling and delivery of reports
  • easier report development - making ad-hoc reporting easier
  • Dashboards - at a glance summary of KPIs
Although Baryon is a newcomer our consultants have many years experience in designing, building and delivering Business Intelligence solutions.
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